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  • In today's business world, a strong and productive workforce is built on continuous employee development that enhances knowledge, skills, well-being, and ultimately retention.  Employee satisfaction and engagement are critical to building and maintaining a strong performing company, and nothing is more fundamental to generating feelings of satisfaction and engagement than providing your employees with opportunities for professional development.  We work with employees and organizations everyday to create training and development programs that strengthen organizational culture and produce measurable results.

​Each organization has unique requirements for training and development.  We will help you assess your training needs and then execute a comprehensive plan for development and skills improvement for your employees and managers.

When you partner with Performance Resources Dynamic LLC we take a vested interest in your company's success and your employees' professional growth, and we are confident that our training and development services can contribute positively to both.

             Performance Resources Dynamic LLC offers the following training programs:            Behavior Based interviewing                       First Time Manager Essentials

                                Interviewing for Success                             Introduction to Workplace Ethics

                                Leadership Essentials                                   Workplace Laws for Managers & Supervisors

                                Team Building (applying 5 Dysfunctions of a team)    Understanding & Preventing Sexual Harassment

                                Leading Teams                                              Performance Appraisal Essentials

                                Proper HR Documentation                          Progressive Discipline & Termination

                                Managing performance problems              Conducting Effective performance appraisals

                                Preventing Problem performance               Recognizing & Diagnosing problem performance

                                Recruiting 101                                              worker's compensation

                                Wage & hour / exemption rules                 Recruiting & Retention Strategies

                                FMLA Compliance                                         The essentials of HR law

we embrace change

Our methods remain in a perpetual state of evolution to keep pace with ever-changing desired personal development and career advancement. To get started exploring your full potential, just give us a call.

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